FULL NAME: Voldar, son of Othar the Demanding

BIRTHPLACE: Mirafa, in the galaxy Suplex 6, 4th quadrant

ALIASES: Mismila the Round, Xigarkat Sisphil, Hank

RANK: Digital SuperKnight

VOLDAR is more than just your everyday binary spaceman. He is an interstellar hero sent to this planet as a messenger of peace, revelry, and the zen-like state of Funga. Among his greatest accomplishments to date is the slaying of Kezler, the evil alien emperor whom ruled the impoverished Primians for centuries. He is also an avid pooter and a toad enthusiast.

But Voldar uses no sword nor cannon to fight his battles. No, this spaceman's weapons of choice are the joystick and music! With this credo, he brings us Music For Video Games That Never Were! The album is a collection of tunes to accompany video games that can be found nowhere but in the mind of Voldar. You will not find "Run, Rabbi, Run" or "Bobo's Revenge" anywhere in stores. But you will find their 1980's Coleco-esque soundscapes right here on this site.

Just go to the "Album" section to hear samples and download the album, complete with cover art, for ONLY $5! If you can't download it, order a copy by mail for $12!

The revolution is here. Be joyous. Be kind. BE FUNGA!!


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