Bobo's had it and he won't take it anymore!

Bobo is a circus clown whose most beloved companion is his ferret Munchie. Everything was great in Bobo and Munchie's lives until one day when the evil Burgles showed up and kidnapped Munchie! The Burgles are mean little demons with mouths for eyes and eyes for mouths. After many days of mourning, Bobo decided he was fed up. He would rise up against the Burgles and wreak the havoc of Bobo's Revenge!

As Bobo (a second player can play the Burgles), you are on a mission to get Munchie back. Your weapons are cream pies, seltzer bottles, and tap dancing. Be careful! The Burgles also have pies, as well as semiautomatic gunfire. Shoot down a pothole whenever you can (the Burgles' kingdom is underground). Use trampolines to leap and highwires to escape your enemies. And don't hold back your fury. Munchie needs your help!

Screenshot from Bobo's Revenge

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