JUBBA POWER is a game where you the player take on the role of a Jubba. Jubbas are blue dwarfs with a horn popping out of their heads and swirly ears. They're small, but they're feisty little guys!

Your mission is to run throughout your native planet of Gwandera collecting as many golden plates and floating, glowing bubbles as you can per each level. These will give you power and wealth when you return to the kingdom.

But beware the Figlets! They are Gwandera's other tribe of one-eyed meanies. They hit and spit, but you can hit and spit right back. Use your Laser Teeth only when necessary. It's a surefire way to defend yourself against Figlets, but depletes you of much needed power. Also watch out for pits and purple snakes. Gwandera is relying on you!


Screenshot from Jubba Power!

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