VOLDAR ON iTUNES - Including the remix single of "Bobo's Revenge". Available only on iTunes.

VOLDAR'S MYSPACE PAGE - Meet other Voldar fans. Speak of the wonders of Funga. Say hello to the great over-polater!

NOISE REVIEW - Great new review of Voldar's album!


WINZIP WinZip is a very affordable application (with free trial download) that can be used to unzip .zip files such as your new Voldar album package.

ROXIO - Roxio's Easy CD Creator comes with many computer software packages. If you don't have it already, it is very affordable. Good for burning your new Voldar CD.

AVERY - Free downloads for Avery Design Pro software are available here. This software is compliant with the CD insert and label designs included with your album package of Music For Video Games That Never Were.


VIDEO GAME MUSIC ARCHIVE - Great collection of music for video games that actually did exist.

MUSIC 4 GAMES - Another great site dedicated to video game music.

GAME SPOT - The end-all, be-all video gaming hub site.

VIDEO GAME MUSEUM - Yes, indeed. An online museum of all things video game.


ÜBERBAND - Los Angeles based band of avant-weird wacko gonzo geniuses. If you like John Mayer, you will hate Überband.

SLEEPER CELL RECORDS - The absolute finest in underground hip hop. I say, hip...hop!

MICROMUSIC - Unofficial home of the lo-tek video game music movement.

MOHAWK RADIO - It's independent radio on the net. Featuring the finest in new music, including Voldar. This is the kind of stuff the internet was made for.

PUYO PUYO - Puyo pretty much rules the cyberwaves of skeeball soundage.

THE GREENING - When Iggy Pop tramples The Carpenters to death, you have The Greening.

bacalaOS - Groovy, vibey electronic schtuff.

RECEPTORS MUSIC - Bleeps and bloops the way they do it in Virginia!








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