Hey, Joe. What's the word on the street? I hear that everyone's playing that game called Max Slick, P.I. Keep it very hush hush. On the Q.T.

Max Slick is a gumshoe in 1940's Chicago. As Max, your job is to hunt down a different crook every time you start the game. Someone the coppers can't keep up with. Maybe you're looking for Jimmy the Nose. Maybe Fatlip McCoy. You might even be looking for the Mayor himself shacking up with some dame. It all depends on who's paying the bills. A compass at the bottom of the screen will tell you which direction to turn to get closer to your man. Keep an eye peeled for clues in the form of a letter or book. Anytime you see a newspaper boy or a street beggar, ask him for info. They can usually give you clues on which way to go. You might have to slip them some bread, but be careful. If you run out of dough, you could be a beggar yourself.

Look out for gangsters and bandits. Even if you're not looking for them, they might think you're a cop and try to shoot you. You have three weapons to choose from: A revolver, a blackjack, and a rocket launcher (you only get one shot with the rocket launcher). If you don't find your man before sunrise, it's "game over" and you head back to the office to get drunk alone. If you succeed, you get your name in the paper and loads of money.

Time to get to work, snoop. But don't tell anyone I told you.

Screenshot from Max Slick, P.I.

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