LITTLE PUFFY'S SLEEPYTIME...IN HELL was a video game originally intended for infants. The idea was to enhance an infants hand-to-eye skills even before reading age. When manufacturers realized that not enough infants were purchasing these games, they decided to make alterations that would make the game more appealing to an adult audience.

The game is played in two levels. In the first level, Little Puffy spends his days trying to grab the teddy bears that hang over his crib on a carousel. When he grabs all the teddy bears, he gets his ba-ba and blanky, and goes happily to sleep.

In the second level, Quothar, the slurping demon of the underworld, comes out of Puffy's closet and plunges him into the fiery depths of Hell!! Hell!!! Puffy has no weapons aside from his rattler but, all the same, must do whatever he can to escape the nefarious Mephistopheles or spend an eternity in Hades.

Watch out for fire-breathing centaurs and urinating gargoyles. They sting. Also, anytime you see Abe Lincoln, he can give you sound advice, but no substantial help.

Do you, Little Puffy, think you can take on all the demons of the dark world? Play the game and find out...

Screenshots from Little Puffy's Sleepytime...In Hell

Level 1

Level 2

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