SHANGHAI STOMP is a street fighting kung fu game. You can compete against the game or play with two players. Choose a character in "Game Setup". You can be Jin, the fiery street youth with a taste for vengeance, Liang, the local bully whose gang rules the streets of Shanghai, Xi-wang, the older "O.G." of the neighborhood with a mean punch, or Zhen, one butt-kicking girl!

Each character has different attributes and flaws. Some are better jumpers, kickers, punchers, etc. They also have different weapons ranging from nunchakus to broken bottles. Defeat your foes and you move up to "King of the Streets" and take on a more grueling set of enemies. A little game secret to look for: In "King of the Streets" level, you can sometimes battle Sean Penn and Madonna, a reference to 1986's Shanghai Surprise. Throwing trash cans works best against them.

Screenshot from Shanghai Stomp

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