Bwahahahahaha!! So, we've got a brave one, have we? A lowly mortal that is courageous enough to take on the hauntings of SPOOK HOUSE?

Your car has broken down on a lost and lonely road. The only house within a short distance is Moeggenberg Manor. You ring the bell and ask to use the phone. The door opens for you, slamming shut the moment you enter! It won't budge. Can you ever leave?

The only way to leave Spook House is to steal the Chukti Emerald from the reclusive witch Broomzelda. You must roam the halls and look for clues. Collect keys at every given opportunity. They will open doors that will eventually take you to Broomzelda's inner sanctum. But beware! Ghost, goblins, zombies, werewolves, vampires, and ravers lurk around every corner. Open the wrong door, and you may join them as one of Moeggenberg Manor's walking dead!

Screenshot from Spook House

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